About Us

Nationally recognized as an industry leader for innovative client solutions, The Mid-State Group promotes growth opportunities for thriving non-proftits and churches. Headquartered in Lynchburg since 1964, Mid-State navigates risk management and cost containment strategies for businesses and organizations. The Mid-State Group is comprised of the following business groups

  • Mid-State HR
  • Mid-State Safety
  • Mid-State Wellness
  • Mid-State Insurance
  • Mid-State Academy

“Through our award-winning Mid-State GPS process, we focus on key areas where we can truly help businesses thrive — safety, HR, wellness, finance, insurance design and leadership. Our driving objective is to decrease costs, increase profits, and create a thriving workplace.”

~ John S. Austin Basten, President


Mid-State GPS

Our proprietary risk management strategy deploys a five-step process across five core disciplines to accomplish three core goals.

Three Core Goals

  1. Decrease Costs
  2. Increase Profitability
  3. Create a Better Workplace

5-Step Process

  1. Identify
  2. Create Strategies
  3. Implement Strategies
  4. Finance
  5. Monitor & Adjust

5 Core Disciplines

  1. Human Resources
  2. Wellness
  3. Safety
  4. Finance & Insurance
  5. Leadership


The Mid-State Group is committed to deeply understanding our customers, employees, vendors and community. By truly understanding who we serve, we provide authentic solutions that lower risk, safeguard assets, and empower personal and professional growth. We accomplish this by vigorously identifying, prioritizing, controlling and monitoring risk. The Mid-State Group’s ultimate goal is delivering innovative custom programs to ensure our partners thrive.

Core Values

Our core values drive our philosophy of service. The Mid-State Group believes strongly in universal principles of Belief in People, Empowerment, Stewardship, Integrity, Purpose and Passion. These values resonate with our employees, vendors, clients and communities as we strive for exceptional performance and service.

We value and nurture personal education and professional development through the Mid-State Academy. The Academy offers enriching seminars, leadership training, newsletters, and resource libraries.

Belief In People
We are relentlessly optimistic about the power of human potential. We believe that each individual—be it a client, employee or vendor—is intrinsically valuable. Each person, each relationship offers distinctive opportunities to learn, prosper, teach or serve.

Mid-State serves a higher purpose to empower others. Guided by a “servant’s heart” we promote a philosophy of H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Excel). With a strong belief in people as our foundation, we recognize that each person possesses special talents and strengths. We foster a positive environment where each person can discover, improve and express their gifts to enhance the lives of their families, coworkers, vendors and community.

Extraordinary stewardship of valuable resources is the essence of Mid-State’s code of responsibility. We seek deep understanding to wisely shepherd the precious assets we’ve entrusted with to carefully manage, develop, protect and preserve. We marshal our collective strengths to serve; we strive to unleash creativity and innovation to unveil the “acres of diamonds” in each individual, organization or situation.

Uncompromising integrity is our guiding light. We pledge to be straightforward, credible, and honest in all of our business practices and relationships. We earn trust by responsiveness and reliability. We earn credibility by keeping promises.

Without purpose, without a compass or a map, we wander aimlessly adrift. Our team approach emphasizes working together to achieve common goals. Shared focus on clear objectives ensures success. It is our purpose that gives us Passion!

Passion fuels purpose, stewardship, integrity and belief. Passion is enthusiasm and excitement; passion is energy and fervor. We harness and deliver passion as a key ingredient to every action or transaction.