Mid-State Safety

Workplace Safety and Compliance

A safe, comfortable workplace enhances job satisfaction and productivity. Organizations can expect a $4-$6 return for every dollar invested in safety by alleviating the far-reaching impacts of workplace accidents. Injuries can unleash a ripple effect, driving higher workers’ compensation costs and OSHA fines, absenteeism, stress, presenteeism and lower productivity. Even an employee hurt on personal time can affect group health and disability costs.

Mid-State Safety specializes in OSHA training, risk auditing, compliance checks, safety programs and policy review for businesses, organizations and institutions of all sizes. We offer certified classes ranging from Hazard Communications to fire prevention plans. Services include:

  • Mock OSHA and Fire Inspections
  • Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Safety Committee
  • OSHA Citation/Complaint Review
  • CPR/AED and First-Aid Training
  • 10/30-Hour OSHA Outreach Training
  • Industrial/Occupational Hygiene
  • Workplace Safety Audit
  • Outsourced Safety Officer
  • Workplace violence/active shooter

Preferred Safety Trainer

The Mid-State Group offers consultative outsourced safety supervision across Central and Southwest Virginia. We work many local companies to enhance their in-house capabilities, including: Adams Construction, AMTI, AREVA, Billy Craft Honda, BMS Direct, Buffalo Air Handling, Burleigh Construction, Capp Shoes, Central Virginia Family Physicians, Ferrum College, Harris Power & Equipment, Intercon, Jamerson Lewis, Key Parts, Lynchburg Nissan, Medical Associates of Central VA, NewBold, Pinkerton Chevrolet, The Williams Home, Valtim, Virginia Tech Roanoke Center, WestRock and more.

Outsourcing Advantages and Benefits

Mid-State outsource programs costs less than full-time positions. There are no employee obligations with the Mid-State team. No benefits, no vacation, no social security, no unemployment insurance, no liability insurance, no worker’s compensation insurance. All of the team are covered by Mid-State on all issues.

Multi-Level Corporate Services
Mid-State has multi-level corporate services across the HR, Wellness, and Safety spectrums, including training, facility safety and security, mock OSHA inspections, workers’ compensation issues, regulatory compliance, and CPR/AED First-Aid training.

Strong Record of Service and Performance

Our safety team excels at developing policies, guidelines, documentation, corrective action, and training for safety, health and security. The Mid-State staff has a strong track record with area companies, regional OSHA personnel, and many other agencies and area organizations. Our team has hundreds of combined years of experience.

Special Offer: Free Mock OSHA Inspections

Assess your workplace, policies, programs and compliance. Interested businesses may qualify for a complimentary Mock OSHA Inspection. Call 434-528-1001 to arrange a meeting.


Frank D. Goodwin, Director


Veteran safety trainer Frank D. Goodwin is an expert resource for safe workplace seminars, OSHA training, and presentations. Goodwin provides both on-site/off-site services.

As an authorized OSHA Outreach instructor, Goodwin is available for OSHA and other safety-related regulatory compliance, pre-inspection and violation resolution issues. He also serves as an expert witness in lawsuits or arbitrations.

With more than a dozen professional training certifications, Goodwin has produced 65 OSHA safety manuals and 20 multimedia OSHA courses.

In addition to his leadership as Director of Mid-State Safety, he also develops and teaches OSHA programs presented at Areva, Liberty University, or Virginia Tech. He broadcasts the popular “Mid-State Safety Minutes” spot on WLNI 105.9, WFIR 107.3 FM and 960 AM. Goodwin is a former member of the Governor’s Apprenticeship Council and presently serves as a Lynchburg Soil and Water Conservation Director.

Joni Organ, Safety Community Outreach Coordinator and Trainer


Superheroes don’t just save the world in comic book movies. Behind the scenes, Joni Organ joins the legions of true superheroes dedicated to saving lives every day in Central Virginia. The gregarious corporate trainer, Marine and former police officer is passionate about promoting health, safety, prevention and protection through Mid-State Safety.

“Safety is a heart for others. If you let health and safety awareness permeate your life, then you have an opportunity for outreach to help fix the bad things in the world,” she says.

Whether it’s teaching CPR, performing a workplace safety check, or educating children, Organ thrives the supporting the mission of Mid-State Safety by teaching people stay as safe and healthy as possible. “I get intrinsic joy from assisting people,” she explains.

Organ’s “superpower” is creativity, applied to situational training scenarios, props, and perspectives that are always entertaining and thought provoking.


THE WILLIAMS HOME: "Frank Goodwin, Director of Mid-State Safety, has presented OSHA Compliance for Medical Clinics and Facilities at The Williams Home annual review for the past three years. He is very knowledgeable in the area of OSHA compliance. Our staff always finds his presentations interesting and we come away with a wealth of information. As the Safety Coordinator, I have turned to Frank for safety questions and always received helpful advice. I look forward to working with Frank and all the staff at Mid-State in the future." ~ Brandi Evans Safety Coordinator, The Williams Home

"I just want to thank you for instructing the safety class. You make the class very interesting and the experience you have had in the field makes it so easy to understand. The class never has a dull moment and keeps me focused on the issues at hand. I really appreciate the way you can explain the problems I have to deal with and always know how to make the solutions quick and simple. I really enjoyed your class and left with lots of knowledge that I will use from day to day. Thanks again!" Lonnie Weaver President, G/A Safety and Industrial Supply

I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your safety training classes. I find them enjoyable, informative, and very beneficial to myself and fellow attendees. Attendees appreciate both the knowledge and experience that you bring to the training classes. I base this opinion both on my own experiences of having been a safety and/or fire instructor for over forty years and comments from fellow attendees. Please keep up the great work you and the Mid-State Group are doing and keep me updated on future classes. Everett Gay Professional, Environmental Health & Safety RR Donnelley

"Central Virginia Family Physicians (CVFP) was formed in 1993 by a group of family practice physicians. It’s now an established independent practice with eight regional family practice offices, three urgent care facilities, and 248 employees. “We used to have group meetings for training, but since there are so many locations, I talked with Frank to see if he would be willing to go to each office and see what training we needed,” says Cindy Watson, CVFP HR Director. Mid-State Safety training so far has included OSHA Safety for Medical Facilities, Practices or Clinics; HAZMAT Revisions; Diagnostic and Rheumatology Clinic, and Blood-borne Pathogen and Needlestick Prevention “Frank is a super nice guy…very entertaining, responsive and flexible. He presents the standards and requirements in way, everyone can understand” says Watson. “He’s willing to provide training any time we need it at our various locations, even at 7 a.m. on Saturday mornings! Mid-Safety also provides CVFP leadership and staff with the peace of mind that their clinics and people have professional training validation for medical safety. “When Frank comes in, he will tell what is wrong and how to fix it. If you are ever inspected (by OSHA), you know you have everything right,” Watson says. “He makes sure he covers all the bases." ~ Cindy Watson, CVFP HR Director

The Virginia Tech Roanoke Center partners with Mid-State Safety to provide OSHA safety training to businesses and industries in the Roanoke region. Frank Goodwin is an effective instructor who understands OSHA standards and he keeps abreast of changes that are made to compliance rules. Frank adds humor when presenting the content and his materials are easy to understand and follow. Frank’s training programs can be delivered on site and tailored to meet the specific needs of the company. It is a pleasure to work with Mid-State Safety where the staff are friendly, reliable, and professional. Kay Dunkley, Director, Virginia Tech Roanoke Center

"I recently attended a 10 hour OSHA training class put on by Mid-State Insurance and Mr. Frank Goodwin. I have in the past taken many Safety classes and seminars. Frank’s classes are by far the best I’ve ever attended. He keeps the classes interesting by keeping discussion going so it’s not all lecture. He keeps things practical, allows times for breaks and keeps a sense of humor going throughout the day. I would highly recommend anyone to attend his classes over any of the Safety classes I’ve taken in the past." Jack Mann, Safety Director at Billy Craft Honda